How do I become a nurse in Australia?

The first step you can take to become a nurse in Australia is to register with Australian Nursing Agency (ANA). Now that we can get to know you and get an insight into your qualifications, we can help you navigate your way through the rest of the application process. Register with ANA To start your [...]

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How to choose the right nursing recruitment agency

Joining a nurse agency in Australia is a great decision to make if you want to advance your medical career with opportunities to earn more: did you know that Australia delivers some of the best pay rates in the world for qualified nurses? In addition, nurses in Australia enjoy a work-life balance that many nurses [...]

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In-demand nursing jobs in Australia for overseas nurses

Are you curious to learn more about nursing jobs in Australia? Nurses are in demand in Australia and statistics show no signs of slowing! In fact, it’s estimated that Australia will need more than 100,000 nurses by 2025. This is why Australian Nursing Agency (ANA) is looking for overseas nurses to fill the demand. We [...]

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Why nurse in Australia?

Are you thinking about nursing in Australia? Tempted to take the plunge, but still looking for a little more information before you make that leap? If you’re looking for a place that is welcoming, exciting, and innovative then Australia is the place to be! Explore its enormous landscape, immerse yourself in its colourful history and [...]

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Nursing Jobs in Melbourne

Are you a registered nurse looking for nursing jobs in Melbourne? Through our Melbourne based Nursing Agency we are able to provide registered nurses with regular nursing work across health facilities in Melbourne and beyond. What type of Nursing jobs are available? Australian Nursing Agency offer a number of different nursing jobs for Registered Nurses [...]

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Bucket List Destinations For A Working Holiday in Australia

So you’ve decided you want to embark upon a working holiday in Australia, well, Australia is HUGE to say the least so you might want to think carefully about planning your working holiday in advance. If you’re on a working holiday visa then you’ll want to carefully plan trips around work. Working as a registered [...]

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How to find Nursing Jobs in Melbourne

Decided that your nursing career needs a shake up? After all that training to become a nurse, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve earned yourselves some universal skills meaning that you could combine both travelling and nursing. After all, nurses are needed all over the world, but for those of you who have trained [...]

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Finding Accommodation for your Working Holiday in Melbourne

Starting your working holiday in Melbourne? We talk you through how to find a quick and easy place to stay. Nursing Jobs in Melbourne - What Qualifications do you need? Finding a place to crash in Melbourne is a lot easier than you might think. There are a host of options from lively, hip hostels [...]

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What All ICU Nurses to Consider

Looking for ICU Nursing jobs in Melbourne? We take a look at what every ICU nurse needs to consider with each role… When it comes to finding the right ICU nursing position, it's well worth taking the time to assess three key factors which are often easy to dismiss. Related articles: How to become APHRA [...]

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Best Road Trips from Melbourne

Arrived for your working holiday in Melbourne? Once you’ve found yourself a working holiday job, you’ll also want to exercise the holiday element of your visa. Here, we’ve put together a few suggestions for the best road trips from Melbourne. Nursing Jobs in Melbourne - What Qualifications do you need? Bendigo For the food and drink [...]

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