AHPRA stands for Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency which was set up to govern and improve the standard of health facilities across Australia. AHPRA registration ensures that any nurse travelling to and/or working in Australia has the necessary skill and experience to provide safe care to Australians, and are registered to practise their specific profession (for example, chiropractic, dental, nursing, podiatry, etc.)

Do I have to register with AHPRA?

Yes! You must be registered with AHPRA – but don’t be intimidated, ANA will help you out!

Here are some of the AHPRA registration requirements:

Criminal history

An international criminal check applies to all applicants.

English language skills

You will need to demonstrate that your English enables you to safety practise.

Personal development

ANA helps you out here, and professional development ensures you’re continually developing your skills and improving your confidence!

You can read more about these requirements here.

For more information on AHPRA and the registration process, read this article.